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Simone Cosac Eau de Parfum


The niche Italian brand Simone Cosac was founded in 2008. Its way in the perfumery world began with the line of exquisite women's fragrances telling the beautiful story about the love of the Duchess Bianca Cappello and Prince Francesco of the famous family of Medici. Their love in the age of art and science heyday, at the Renaissance was scandalous, but astounding beautiful. And the magical influence of their love passed through the centuries and reached our time. The founder of the brand, the Brazilian Simona Cosak, was inspired by this tragic story and called it magical for a reason. Simone Cosac Naify was born in Brazil. Being sensitive and fine nature, she has always been able to appreciate beauty in all its forms and manifestations. Simone perceives fragrance as the mean to convey the inner state of each person. This is the most emotional and expressive way, she believes. Having moved with her family to Italy, she had a dream about the beautiful Florentine villa Villa la Tana, which once belonged to Francesco Medici. A beautiful abandoned garden charmed Simone Cosac, and the numerous local stories about the magic of Bianca, the love, passion and the simultaneous death of the spouses caused the desire to embody their story into perfume compositions. Villa La Tana today is the home of the Simone Cosak Perfume House. Connoisseurs of beauty will certainly get aesthetic pleasure from impeccable style, charm and refinement of perfumes by the small Italian perfume house of Simone Cosac. Luxurious niche fragrances of the Simone Cosac brand are created for refined and elegant women. They just dissolve on the skin of each woman, enveloping it with its delicate aroma. The niche perfumery masterpieces by Simone Cosac will fascinate you as soon as you take in hand a heavy distinctive bottle of French glass with designer paintings, and will not let go from the sweet captivity, forcing you to inhale over and over these unique, bold and gentle at the same time, modern sounding scents. Exquisite perfumes from Simone Cosac are available in our perfumery SF Perfume History in Cologne and here in the same-name online shop.

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