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Welcome to the world of luxury perfumery. Duftwerk combine nature, technology and craftsmanship for perfumers. The concept of the Duftwerk brand is: "Perfume is your invisible jewelry, your style signature. Invisible art, subtle means of expression, subliminal communication. Perfume may amaze, arousal senses, challenge. But it must always be attractive and beautiful. It's a mirror of your personality". With the Duftwerk fragrances you can discover perfume world in absolutely new way. Fragrance and smell is the most direct way into the brain. Fragrance is communication. Being aware of this and consciously using that potential is basic approach of the Duftwerk experts to consulting and teambuilding approaches. Two outstanding respected perfumers create luxury exquisite fragrances with Duftwerk. Perfumes, initiated by experienced Manasse, are based on his deep explorations of scent. Manasse's perfumes ask questions and give mysterious answers. They play with themes that show how the composer experiences the world through his nose. Astounding fragrances with refined accords owe its existence to perfumer XA from Cologne. She weaves subtle epics from fragrances, beautiful, luxury and elegant. In the Duftwerk manufacture are used only high quality materials and top technologies. In our online shop and perfumery store in Cologne are available exclusive fragrances from Manasse and Perfumer XA by Duftwerk. Decide for yourself whether beauty lies in your present and your future.