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Onyrico means "world of dream". This is the head conception of the brand - which is manifested with their perfumes - a daydream without limits of space and time.

Creative tandem Emilia Chinigò and Pier Giorgio Biella created the beautiful fairytale about a dream, which came true, about freedom and independence and physically manifested it in Onyrico brand. Inspired be the greatest Italian geniuses, artists and travelers as well as ancient Roman civilization, they express joyful pride of being Italian, in collection of unbelievable unforgettable fascinating fragrances.

As art can exist on Earth just through man's works: and perfume is art. Heritage of Italian geniuses in combination with outstanding perfumery talent has presented the world new luxury fragrances, perfumery by ONYRICO, the pure art. Emilia and Giorgio proved that nothing is impossible and everyone's dream can become a reality.

What can we tell about ONYRICO perfumes? These fragrances have to be lived and felt. They will speak for themselves. Onyrico is a Perfume with the highest concentration of essence, at 23%, completely thought and realized in Italy.

Luxurious niche fragrances from Onyrico can be purchased at the SF Perfume History in Cologne or here in the online store.

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