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"Perfume is an intimate adornment, each having a part of the secret" thinks Audrey Guetta Courbier, the founder of the brand Making Of Cannes. She has been fascinated by beauty, luxury and the world of perfume from her childhood. This was passion handed down from the women in her family: her grandmother, aunt and mother, who wore true signature scents. And Audrey dreamed about her own luxury perfume brand. But she went a long way to make her dream come true. And finally being in Grasse, the birthplace of the greatest perfumes, Audrey found her inspiration in nearby Cannes and the backstage ambiance, where emotions and secrets abound. The arts and more specifically, that special ambiance behind the scenes roused Audrey to create niche luxury perfume that invites you to create your own olfactory experience. Making Of Cannes is a skin scent, it is the one with a person wears it. This is a fragrance with character, an invisible and private elixir of happiness, as soft as a kiss on neck and as powerful as a thunderbolt, leaving in its wake a delicate olfactory sign, the promise of love. Every fragrance immerses you in universe of beauty and luxury. As rare perfumes, it has no label, it is both for a woman and a man. The niche fragrances by Making Of Cannes are indispensable complement of a personality, combining charm, harmony and sensuality. The heart notes are felt revealing themselves upon the magic of a unique perfect perfume with subtle and voluptuous chords. Making Of Cannes is a new signature in the world of perfumery where imagination plays the leading role. 

Delicate, glamorous, sensual, the bottle for fragrances Making Of Cannes has been designed in order to enhance the fragrances which it contains. Mysterious, intriguing, it?s made in form of a faceted die with rounded shoulders. Imagined by Waltersperger, a glass master established in Haute-Normandie, this luxurious case of a completely opaque black makes an impression of refined style, elegance and luxury. Leave your delicate olfactory signature, choosing your fragrance by Making Of Cannes in SF Perfume History in Cologne or here online.

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