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Located in the city of Girona (EU), Spain, Perfums Bachs has been developing perfumery industry more than 50 years. For this period was created many remarkable collections that brought the art of beauty and personal care to new heights. Perfums Bachs manufactures only high-quality products always in compliance with the strict control and safety parameters mandated by the European Union. Every perfume in Perfums Buchs collections is not a simple fragrance, it's a bottle filled with sensations, desires, memories and emotions. Every single moment from packaging material to content's color is carefully developed and designed. Perfums Bachs is brand trusted to. That's why when Perfums Bachs presented their collection Culet for children, aroused no doubts what fragrances must be chosen for young fragrance enthusiasts.

Culet is astounding perfumes collection made for those who start their acquaintance with magic world of luxury fragrances. And this is worthy acquaintance. Only high-quality ingredients and delicate scent compositions are characterized for Culet. These are harmonic exquisite perfumes perfectly suited for young world discoverers. Fresh flowery fragrances for girls and tangy notes of citrus for boys develop tastefulness and craving for elegant refined surrounding. Perfumes from Culet collection are represented as in our online shop so in our store SF Perfume History in Cologne.

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