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Detaille is a French perfume brand, whose story began in 1905, when the Countess de Presle ordered the chemist Marcellin Berthelot for a moisturizing balsam, which she called Baume Automobile. This balsam quickly gained popularity among the Countess's friends and acquaintances, prompting her to create her own one-man business Maison Detaille, named after her husband, the brother of the artist Édouard Detaille. The Detaille branch of activities is face and body skin care cosmetics, as well as decorative cosmetics. Currently, it also owns the rights to make perfumes under the same brand name. From 1905 to the present time, the Detaille brand presented more than ten fragrances of a rather diverse classification and unusual for the stated chord notes of perfume compositions. Most of the fragrances released by the brand became bestsellers for their time, which were appreciated by many grateful buyers.  Commercial success was actually predetermined in advance, as talented and creative perfumers collaborated with Detaille, unfortunately, according to the terms of the contract, information about them was not disclosed. In fragrance creation the perfumers hold by in an opinion that a perfume should be appealing and leave a soft rather than overwhelming wake.

"Perfume is the memory, the childhood or remembrance of those we met, loved and sometimes forgot. It is also a little of one's hidden personality, both intimate, floating on the skin, and public, because it is offered to others".

Detaille perfumes are available in our online store or can be tested and purchased at SF Perfume History in the center of Cologne.

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