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LPDO is an Italian niche perfume house headquartered in Naples that promotes innovative ideas and an original olfactory philosophy.
Fragrance enthusiast paid attention to the innovative and non-conformist concept with which LPDO entered the world of niche perfume. The LPDO perfumers create olfactory projects specifically for those who want to be recognizable by the fragrance they are wearing. Having completely moved away from the "classic" idea of perfumery, LPDO revealed to the world their new fresh ideas. The success of perfume depends not only on the fragrance itself, but also on the harmony of all it completing details. To convey the atmosphere of the fragrance, to arousal interest future fans the LPDO designers emphasizes packaging and a bottle. Creative masters performed the packaging unusual, beyond the existing standards, because it is the first to attract attention and interest. As for the bottle, it has turned from an ordinary classic bottle, thanks to the skills of designers into a design object, which can be exhibited as a jewel. As soon as the perfume is unpacked, the glass bottle shines as another design object and displays the smell as a jewelry piece. The niche perfume LPDO is characterized by high-quality raw materials, including the best fragrance oils, which make the perfume durable and intense and satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs of fragrances. Highly concentrated creations with intense notes make LPDO luxurious fragrances unique, charismatic and unforgettable.
LPDO premium fragrances can be purchased directly from the SF Perfume History shop in Cologne or here in our online shop.