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Accendis is a young Italian niche perfume brand, which appeared quite recently but has already gained popularity among exquisite fragrance enthusiasts. Its founder, Emy Cesaroni-Rodriquens, after she had gained rich experience in the perfumery industry, decided to establish her own brand. The name for the brand was chosen with a direct allusion to the perfume theme. Accendis is a result of a research concerning our emotional light, expressed in concept, which states that light is the road directed forward, that it is life itself, the vehicle of the soul.  In Latin "Accendis" means "you illuminate", but also "you bring out aromas". This became philosophy of the Accendis brand: the desire to give others light in all its many manifestations: in the form of discoveries, knowledge, joy, happiness and friendly warmth. And that's why every fragrance in Accendis collection is full of powerful energy, vitality and inspiration.  The perfumes by Accendis bring magic that lights up and makes the fear disappear. The magis of light in aromas together with Accendis created such famous talented perfumers as Celine Ripert, Arturetto Landi, Maurizio Cerizza. Accendis fragrances are presented in bottles made of glass "pure as crystal", with precious velvets, because the "light" of Accendis deserves to be well guarded. The bottle has being realized by a customized design to express the importance of our light research which animate our life. Accendis is a fuel of our emotions and inspiration. Special mention should be made of coffret for perfumes. They are precious, elegant and made of luxury materials. The coffret is designed in such way that it looks like a book, book which tells astounding magic story without words. The luxury Accendis perfumes are available in our perfumery in Cologne and in our online shop SF Perfume History.

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