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Acqua di Portofino


Acqua di Portofino is an Italian niche perfume brand owned by Profumitalia, a longstanding family business of the Cerizza dynasty.  For its 15 years of professional activity, the Acqua di Portofino brand has presented six exclusive and luxurious fragrances.

In the perfumery world there are many fragrances dedicated to one particular city, but few brands managed to convey with such elegance and accuracy the countless hypostasis of one single city. Acqua di Portofino is a perfumery house, which dedicated all its fragrances to the city of Portofino and with amazing accuracy expressed the beauty and magic of this astounding city in its exquisite fragrances.  Portofino is the pearl of the Riviera di Levante, the branch of the Ligurian Riviera where the sun rises. It is a welcoming harbour that in Roman times served as a rest stop for ships navigating from Rome to Marseilles. Plinius the Elder named it Portus Delphini because dolphins abounded in its waters. It is a naturally deep harbour where vessels can safely cast anchor for shelter.

So the water element is dominated in the brand philosophy, what is accentuated by its name, which in translation from Italian sounds like "Portofino Water". Therefore, each perfume is a practical embodiment of the dream of beautiful yachts, life-giving moisture, the coolness of the sea breeze, adventure and passionate novels, which is facilitated by the very paradise nature of Portofino, "sealed" in crystal-clear bottles.

From the classic perfumery image of Portofino, cool-musical, slightly spicy, the perfumers Francesca Casiraghi and Maurizio Cerizza moved on to the pictures of the night city in "Notte", filled with fresh-salty accords with a warm floral heart note; drew a sunny, sweet, cherry summer day in "Borgo", enjoyed the sea wind in "Sail". Their perfumery paintings are slightly similar to impressionists, - as much light and clear joy, - slightly like post-impressionists with their bright, voluminous images. The main leitmotif remains unchanged - the sincere admiration of Portofino and the desire to convey this city in its real, living beauty, with all the halftones and nuances.
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