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Paul Emilien

Paul Emilien

Fragrance from Paul Emilien, "haute couture" of niche perfumery, is the elegant choice for modern men and women, who strive for success. Exclusively for SF Perfume History Cologne. The perfumer Paul Emilien, who was born in 1966 in Cevennes, France, knew from his childhood that he wanted to develop his creative potential and create something special for his fellows. He made his name in the world of fragrances and received international recognition.

Working as an employee in the perfumery he gained valuable experience and learned from his mentor irreplaceable techniques and tricks related to perfumery. After his first fragrance had succeeded in the niche perfumery industry, Paul Emilien continued his search for creation more perfect scents. During his journeys around the world he collected new ideas, impressions and technologies and delivered on all this experience in exquisite accords of his fragrances.

Paul Emilien has a special relationship to painting, which is reflected in the form of packaging, he designed himself. Packaging by Paul Emilien is always lux expensive and excellent performed. Only the best materials of high quality are used in packaging, especially beloved is gold and silver. Paul Emilien pays much attention to design of distinctive glass bottles, which symbolized luxury, elegance and originality. French-made bottles are made by hand from blown glass. Paul Emilien is recognized as one of the most reputable perfumers. The online store SF Perfume History and the store in Cologne present the best premium fragrances from the coveted producer Paul Emilien.

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