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In 2016 Fulvio Fronzoni presented a line of exquisite niche fragrances, thus launching his own brand called Creso.
 Creso is an aesthetic harmony in its purest form. Life is a dream, a journey full of visions, trembling and excitement that can make us lose, get lost, like in a labyrinth. Fulvio Fronzoni, a true dreamer and admirer of classicism, in search of the perfect expression of beauty and harmony, allowed himself to be carried away not only by history, but also by the sensual emotional perception of the world. Crossing the Mediterranean, exploring the rich cultural heritage of this land, he found himself in archaic Greece, where his olfactory dreams were embodied. In no other civilization was it more important to study beauty and aesthetic harmony than in classical Greece. The deep influence of art on everyday life was due to the desire of the Greeks to achieve perfection through all forms of artistic expression and, thus, to approach the divine. This philosophy was very close to Fronzoni's olfactory aspirations. After a long and painful search for Fulvio Fronzoni, he found himself in Ephesus, in front of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world - the temple of Artemis, built by Creso. There, in a benevolent silence, filled with the scent of jasmine, it was filled with a wonderful illumination. The great monuments of ancient Greece, the mystery and the power that surrounded them, ignited the imagination of Fulvio Fronzoni and inspired him to further explore the ancient Greek archaic world. And as a result of these researches Fulvio Fronzoni's olfactory dream came true and an incredible luxurious collection of fragrances was born, the embodiment of classical aesthetics, harmony and beauty. The line consists of four fragrances, the names of which are inspired by places, elements and distinctive features of the ancient Greek culture. You can find luxury fragrances by Creso in our shop in Cologne or purchase them here in the online shop.

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