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Christian Richard

Luxury Collection by Christian Richard

Luxury Collection by Christian Richard - is a perfume collection created by Distimex especially for Perfume History.

The seven fragrances in this collection embody our customers' ideas of perfume and implement their wishes. The luxury collection is in line with the fragrance trend of the modern perfumery world and has a high proportion of perfume oils.

Come Vorrei perfume is a long lasting woody composition. It combines notes of juicy grapefruit, warm cedarwood and sweet chocolates.

Girno is a masculine fragrance with a tart, soft aroma that will delight those who love long-lasting men's perfumes with a distinct patchouli note.

The unisex perfume L'imperatore will charm those who are looking for freshness, woodiness and spiciness combined in one fragrance. L'imperatore is a niche fragrance for true individualists.

The name of Patchouli Intenso speaks for itself. It is a soft niche fragrance that will please both men and women. It has a floral and powdery composition that harmonises perfectly with the woody accord of patchouli.

Per sempre perfume is an ode to the Orient. Patchouli, oud, rose and even sweet strawberry notes unfold in balance on the wearer's skin.

The passionate perfume composition of Storia d'Amore contains animalic, woody and floral notes. Storia d'Amore perfume helps you express your feelings.

White Chocola is a women's perfume of lightness, carelessness and sweetness. White Chocola fragrance is suitable for those women who love gourmand perfume compositions that pour out many compliments.

How do you find your fragrance among the new perfumes you don't know yet?

You always have the opportunity to try all the niche fragrances in our Perfume History shop or order samples of the entire collection as well as a single fragrance via our online shop. Perfume description and fragrance search by single notes help you to quickly make the right choice. You can also write to us at any time, both by email and WhatsApp, to get the consultation you need.

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