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Perfums Bachs

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Perfums Bachs

The name of the niche brand Perfums Bachs is known worldwide. Situated in Girona, the company made its name in the middle of the 1960's. Creating evocative essences and perfumes they changed the world of beauty art and personal care lifting it to a new plane.

Year after year the perfumers followed their strategy and for more than 50 years producing and marketing perfume and cosmetic products of high quality, establish a reputation as an authoritative brand.

Perfums Bachs follows faithfully principals of quality and good service. Every stage of producing is strict controlled and the result is always compliant with quality standards mandated by the European Union.

Every perfume is not just a scent composition. The main concept of Perfums Bachs is a harmonic combination of all details: the distinctive bottles, the stylish packaging, the contents' color, the description, the naming. Rounding each other out, every element creates that exclusive luxury fragrance, Perfums Bachs is wide recognized by. They create not the simple perfume; they fill bottles with sensations, desires and future memories. Marketing specialists are always in quest of newest trends in fashion, design, décor and even gastronomy. As such, Perfums Bachs is always thinking ahead. Their perfect collections are created influenced by the trends and tendencies of the immediate future. Find your personal suiting perfume at the perfume store Perfume History in Cologne or here in our online shop.