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Château de Versailles


PERFUMES OF CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLES - the niche brand that embodied the splendour, luxury, elegance and wealth of the King Louis XIV reign. The secret of the unique historical perfumes of Château de Versailles that was lost caused by time and the French Revolution haunted the mind of expert-perfumes over years. There were no samples left from that time. And in quest of information experts decided to explore through the archives of the Château de Versailles, and got to working on returning the world those perfumes of the Sun King?s time. So was born the unique partnership between the Château de Versailles and the Conservatoire Français des Fragrances et Cosmétiques to pay a luxurious tribute to French heritage and romanticism. The Château de Versailles perfumes are unique because they are reproduced in accordance with original recipes found in the Versailles Palace archives, practically buried in obscure formularies of the 17th and 18th centuries. Re-creating in Grasse the luxury fragrances, being loved at the splendid Sun King's court, the French perfumers of Conservatoire Français des Fragrances et Cosmétiques use modern technologies. So this way, olfactory tastes of King Louis XIV and his court brilliantly integrated in modern perfume world, evoking great times of prosperity, luxurious and exquisiteness.
Discover that unique feeling of the elegance and splendour of those golden times with the niche Perfumes of Château de Versailles, finding your own fragrance here in online shop and in our store SF Perfume History in Cologne.

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