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Premiere Note

Premiere Note

Premiere Note is Haute Parfumerie French House famous for its innovation olfactory view on traditional perfumery. It was created in 2015 by a former L'Oréal director, Hervé Josserand, entrepreneur and founder of Creation Beauté International. Exquisite and timeless iconic notes of French luxury perfume are discovered in absolutely new way in refined niche perfumes by Premiere Note.

The philosophy of the brand is to continue perfumery tradition while bringing it into a contemporary sphere. The Premiere Note niche fragrances are astounding exclusive creations got thanks to successful combining of essential values of Haute Perfumerie, modernity, sincerity and genuine emotions.
Raw materials of the highest quality are handpicked at the source by connoisseurs to create authentic and incredible elegant iconic French perfumes.
The main idea of the Premiere Note fragrance collection is to showcase a key note in each fragrance. The perfumers of Premiere Note create such olfactory compositions, that the "Premiere Note", the top note, is possible to be emphasized, staying long-lasting and memorable. The scent of freshly-picked roses, the sensation of burning amber, the aroma of Calabrian orange, the scent of cedar bark at the top of the Atlas Mountains... The compositions can be worn alone, layered or combined together, to create your own fragrance and express your originality.

Exclusive niche fragrances by Premiere Note in 50 and 100 ml bottles are in stock in our online shop and in our perfumery store Perfume History in Cologne. 1,5 ml samples of any presented perfumes are also available.

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