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The history of the brand Pineider began in 1774 in Florence, when Francesco Pineider opened his first shop in Piazza della Signoria. In this shop he sold own-produced sophisticated stationery, embossed paper in different colours and types. Thanks to high quality and craftsmanship Pineider quickly gained the popularity also past Italy's borders. Such famous writer as Stendhal, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, Leopardi, and Charles Dickens preferred using the Pineider products. The modern Pineider is brand that denotes pride, quality, and craftsmanship: it was chosen as the Italian Government's official supplier for gifts to heads of states at the 2009 G8 event in L'Aquila.

Today Pineider is famous also for luxury niche perfumes, embodying the exquisite brand philosophy. These are real masterpieces enclosed in a bottle. Pineider respects traditional Italian craftsmanship methods in order to honour those who love the products of the highest quality. Every fragrance is designed and made in Italy, with using of exclusively high quality ingredients of different features. To evaluate the quality of the raw materials, the origin of them is determinant. Every single detail is paid much attention to. As for packaging, the luxury Pineider containers are handmade by an artisan in Bergamo, a town in the North part of Italy. As wood is perceived by people as a noble material and influences positive on people's emotional wellbeing, the Pineider craftsmen decided to use the real mahogany raw wood, applying the ancient method of delivery the essence of bergamot. The metal details are personalized in Zamak,  that adds elegance and classiness. The bottle cap is in Zamak, covered by hammered deerskin in shades of brown or ivory, always finished with the highest level of craftsmanship. Leather symbolizes the "aristocracy" of the collection. The niche Pineider fragrances are the embodiment of exclusiveness, stylishness and exquisiteness. Discover luxury fragrances by Pineider here in online shop and in SF Perfume History store in Cologne.

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