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Parfums RP

Parfums RP

Two years ago young French brand, La maison Parfums Privé, broke into perfumery world. In the minimalistic simplicity of its name lies the main conception of the brand: pursuance of know-how. They are proud of their secret super modern technologies and using only high-quality ingredients. All of the fragrances are designed in cooperation with the famous perfumers of Paris and Grass, the city in the south of France known as the capital of world perfumery. The collection of Parfums RP fragrances miraculously combines subtle nuances: luxury secrets of sophisticated Oriental and refined accords of great Western perfumery.

Inspired by a perfectly original sensory geography, as feminine as it is masculine, the fragrance compositions by Parfums RP open up a completely new world of scents and sensory perceptions. You will be fascinated by magic of these unordinary fragrances.

Welcome to the special world of niche perfumery by Parfums RP, where each fragrance opens a path of very private emotion.

Find your personal unique fragrance by Parfums RP in our Perfume History store in Cologne. We would be glad to help you plunging into the world of luxury niche perfumes.

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