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RPL MAISON PARFUMS, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a manufacturer of exclusive luxury fragrances that epitomize elegance. RPL is the German designer Rupert Peter Landendinger, whose personality combines outstanding sensitivity to fragrances, wide fashion knowledge, a passion for interior design and design, as well as refinement of aesthetic feeling. Such valuable experience inspired Rupert Peter Landendinger for exclusive refine fragrances that create special luxury atmosphere. Landendinger grew up in the lap of luxury of a Rococo castle in the Bavarian countryside, surrounding by the lush garden with an abundance of fragrant flowers and dense forests. The variety of aromas and their heady combinations inflamed a passion for subtle exquisite fragrances from childhood. In exotic journeys, the designer collected new sensual impressions, and enthusiasm for characteristic fragrances grew. Landendinger had profound interest to important eras of perfumery history, such as the reign of Louis XIV, called the "Perfume king", known for his fragrant floral pavilion and passion for exquisite fragrance atmosphere, when perfume was sprayed on everything from clothes to furniture and walls. All the exclusive and luxury fragrance by RPL Maison Parfums are manufactured in France with the participation of some of the most talented olfactory specialists and aroma artisans in the perfumery industry. Fragrances by RPL Maison Perfumes luxuriate everyone, who wears it. Landendinger described fragrances as "invisible beauty that gives room elegance". Antique furniture, candles and textiles fill the room, but these are the scents that enliven it. SF Perfume History Cologne offers a wide range of RPL MAISON perfumes. Premium luxury perfumes are available in the online store, as well as in a store SF Perfume History in Cologne.

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