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Angela Ciampagna


ANGELA CIAMPAGNA, a niche perfumery house, was founded by the married couple Enrico and Angela Ciampagna. They are the owners of the brand and authors of all fragrances. The talented Italian family found inspiration for magnificent non-standard scents in natural beauty of their native town Atri situated in the center of Italy. Enrico und Angela Ciampagna design every perfume in special way; personally control every stage of production, which does not go beyond their small family lab. The main feature of ANGELA CIAMPAGNA perfumes is that all the ingredients are natural and high-quality mainly collected and produced in Atri. ANGELA CIAMPAGNA presents aromas as "artisanal" - that is, hand-made, or even, you can say "handicraft", emphasizing the natural components of the production. Original packaging and perfume bottles are made here in Atri. Local glassblowers create exclusive elegant bottles, and labels and blanks for boxes are born in the printing house next to the laboratory. This work of art is the cap for the bottles, the masterpieces of the masters of artistic forging. They are presented in two forms - simple, classical forms, and complex, topped with a figured Gothic rose, repeating the outlines of the stained glass window of Santa Maria Assunta - the main cathedral of Atri. ANGELA CIAMPAGNA raised perfumes to the level of art.

There is no alcohol in the fragrances, there is no any chemistry. There is only naturalness, attractive and fascinating refinement. You can find exclusive luxury fragrances by ANGELA CIAMPAGNA in our online store SF Perfume History and in the store in Cologne.

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