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Vertus Paris is the niche Perfume House, considered being a pioneer in the field of premium fragrances. This brilliant brand has been creating an unrivalled range of sensual scents perfecting and promoting "The Art of Scent" since 1996. "Vertus is appreciation of, taste for, or expertise in the fine arts".
Inspired by magic power of four layers of planet earth: the Crust, the Sima, the Xenolith and the Lava, the Vertus Paris perfumers gather "most valuable core raw materials of this earth" and compose them into a bottle of artisan essence. Originated and designed exclusively in France, these luxurious fragrances are characterized by a unique and incomparable quality. These are real artisan scent and essences of terra, the planet earth. Exquisite fragrances of Vertus Paris are almost rare and attract the international elite. As Vertus Paris stands for innovation, creativity and conscientiousness, its exclusive niche fragrances are already among the top ten on four continents. This can be attributed not least to strict quality control. All premium fragrances are produced in accordance with EU directives and accredited and international quality standards. From the idea of a fragrance creation to the dispatch of luxury perfumes, Vertus Paris always tries to achieve maximum performance. Some exactly words to characterize luxury perfumes by Vertus Paris: raw materials, handcrafted, extravagant.
Vertus PARIS, of course, is part of the range of perfume products SF Perfume History. Available in online store and in the shop near Cologne Cathedral


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