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Billy X Club


What can be said about perfumes from BILLY X CLUB? These are eight unique fragrances of the highest quality, created with a passion for aromatic ingredients, internal sensations and special attention to the feedback from customers.

What is the beauty industry? This is a huge number of people united by a passionate desire to make this world more beautiful. People, who do their work with enthusiasm, sometimes without even having a special education. Ellen de Weirman is such a person. She works in the oil industry, lives in Norway and ... introduces her own perfume line in Belgium. In her opinion, large brands lacked authenticity, and niche brands are often too conceptual and do not give her any feelings. Therefore, she decided to live out her obsession with fragrances in her own brand. Ellen de Weyrman gave her luxury scents a deep content, a special refined chic. The release of six flavors at once, she argued by the desire to give people the opportunity to identify themselves with the scent. After all, each perfume is inspired by a subculture. Each fragrance has its fans. Ellen named her brand Billy X Club: Billy "is the nickname her husband gave her," X " should emphasize the brand's rebellious spirit, and " Club " refers to the community she wants to build around her label. Do not expect extreme or extravagant scents. Billy X Club perfumes are admirable, well-made fragrances in a concentration of eau de parfum (which lasts an average of 4 to 6 hours). They attract through different atmospheres caused by names and artwork.

Ellen used music to inform perfumers about the different areas she was looking for. It seems perfectly successful. Look, listen and smell! All creative fragrances by Billy X Club are represented at the SF Perfume History in Cologne and here in the online shop.

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