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Nejma perfume - the embodiment of an oriental fairy tale

Nejma (Arabic for 'star') is a niche French perfume brand founded in Grasse in 2009.

Nejma - combines the experience of Christian Bousidan, who worked in the sales departments of Dior, Gottex and Golden Lady, and the Middle Eastern inspiration of Lisa Marie Bischoff.

The luxurious brand embodied the fairytale love story between a vizier and a girl of incredible beauty, Nejma. Despite their different backgrounds, they married and had seven daughters. Seven fragrances in the Heritage Collection are dedicated to them.

Nejma Perfume: Heritage Collection

Each of the fragrances from this collection is unique in its own way, but they are all united by a reverence for the oud accord. Oud is present and appears differently in each perfume in the Heritage Collection. In the 1 fragrance, oud takes the lead role: here it is spicy and smoky, while in the 4 Nejma fragrance it is enveloped by a floral bouquet. In the best-selling Nejma 7 - Oud perfume, a rich, gourmand perfume composition enters, balanced by woody notes.

Nejma Perfume: Private Collection

The Private Collection by Nejma enchants all those who love gourmand fragrance compositions. The perfumes in this collection, such as Le Parfum d'Alice, Le Mysterieux, Le Delicieux, Le Sublime, Le Fabuleux have distinct gourmand (chocolate, cocoa) and fruity notes (plum, cherry, blueberry). While maintaining an oriental flair, the perfumes in this collection are softer, creamier and closer to the skin.

Perfumers who have collaborated on the creation of the Nejma fragrances are Alice Lavenat (Prix International du Jeune Parfumeur-Createur 2014), Jean Niel and Christian Bousidan.

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Nejma perfumes are represented in the world's best department stores and can now also be found in our Perfume History niche perfumery in Cologne.

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