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One of the sophisticated and much talked-of collections of the Mendittorosa brand is Mendittorosa Odori d'Anima. It is a creation full of inspiration and passion for the magical world of luxury fragrances: imaginative journeys, breathtaking aromas, sensual poetry for the skin. Full of authenticity and originality, Medittorosa's premium perfumes are produced in very small quantities and distributed only selectively. As an authorized retailer, SF Perfume History is fortunate enough to sell these luxury fragrances - here in the online shop and in the same-named shop directly in the center of Cologne. The premium fragrances are developed by Stefania Vision and other Italian and French talented perfume designers. Perfumes are made and bottled in Italy. Scents are equally suitable for men and women. Mendittorosa prefers unusual and distinctive packaging combined with outstanding craftsmanship and natural materials. The glass bottles are decorated by hand. By art deco are used only special metals, stones and ceramic elements. The premium perfumes are packed in small wooden boxes - an exact miniature replica of the artworks of the Tuscan artist Alessandro Reggioli - that make the product even more luxurious, exclusive and simply sensually unique. Pure handcraft, limited editions and artful presentation - these are the luxury perfumes of Mendittorosa. TALISMANS is represented as another premium collection by Stefania Vision. It is a collection of perfumed extracts created to act as a "talisman" on the skin. Created in Naples in the shadow of the mighty, sleeping Mount Vesuvius, the collection TALISMANS is a magical fragrance composition that provides protection. Described by the designers as "prayers for the skin", the TALISMANS extracts are unique and powerful in their accords. Available at SF Perfume History Cologne.

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