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Profumi di Pantelleria



The niche perfume brand Profumi di Pantelleria was named after the island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy. Beautiful and hospitable land, being glorious by its grapes and amazing beaches inspired perfumers Profumi di Pantelleria for creating a whole line of fragrances reflecting beauty and grandeur of these places. Exquisitely Italian - subtle and elegant - this brand has become another confirmation of the skillful traditions of the people from the Apennine Peninsula. The idea of creation perfumery line under the name of PANTELLERIA came to the mind to a group of faithful habitués of Pantelleria on the night of 31 December 1997, when they set their heat upon a wish to leave a mark in island history. They wanted to express and encapsulate the island's essence in such a way, that no matter where you are, bitter-sweet nostalgia feelings for island could be satisfied by reviving aromas of capers, grapes, zibibbo and krug, but above all the scents that pervade the sea-cliffs, the paths and the surrounding woods hidden away inside the craters. This idea was entrusted to a talented perfumer and so the unique collection of exquisitely fragrances was born. This luxury perfumes capture the whole variety of the island's herbs, flowers and aromas, embaying to the miraculous atmosphere of Pantelleria. You can find them available in the online store, as well as in a store in Cologne.

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