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Acqua di Sardegna


What does Italy liken to? Sensuality, passion, Mediterranean sunny beauty. This astounding country cannot be described, it must be only felt. In the center of the Mediterranean, on the Sardinia Island was born the Acqua di Sardegna brand. Proud nature of Italian people, their vitality and cheerfulness has inspired Mauro Aprea for creation of a new line of perfumes. This collection reveals the endemic scents of the unrivaled country, allowing feeling the real magic of this land. A wealth of maritime scents: the salt of crystalline sea waters, the old pine trees, the windy shores, the intense freshness of the citrus fruits country flowers and, of course, notes of wood and leather of traditional environments and implements are felt in unusual sophisticated compositions. These are really exquisite fragrances that tell stories, wake emotions and refresh the senses. In deep shades of blue, the fragrances of Acqua di Sardegna lure to an olfactory journey. The heart of the Mediterranean, enchased in the bottle, can reveal itself anew on your skin every day and make reviving of wonderful moments. Enjoy being accompanied by the scents of the Mediterranean Sea. The special luxury and premium fragrances of Acqua di Sardegna are available exclusively from Perfume History Cologne. Browse the assortment of our online shop or test the premium fragrances in our shop in the center of Cologne.

Sandalia Luxury Collection

Sandalia Luxury Collection is an exclusive collection by the Italian brand Acqua di Sardegna. These are six unique olfactory masterpieces with precious ingredients, performed in black and gold bottles with an ornamental design and a special symbol on each perfume. Sandalia Luxury Collection is inspired by the Mediterranean motifs of the famous island of Sardinia: the intense aroma of yellow gold of the island of flowers, saffron; sweet aroma of fig leaves against the background of musk and wood; fresh notes of algae. Each fascinating fragrance from this luxury collection is an original story that makes to dig into the atmosphere of the ancient events of the beautiful and mysterious island, recalling the rich culture and heritage of the great masters. Perfumers working on the creation of Sandalia Luxury Collection, as real artists, carefully keep the secrets of their precious niche compositions: bouquets of special fragrances that only a few can appreciate. Sandalia Luxury perfume is a pure emotion, without mediation and without compromise. Sandalia Luxury Collection tells about the wild and beautiful land, about people, beautiful and noble, who proudly keep in their loyalty to old traditions and legends. Every perfume in collection is decorated by its own magic symbol, which as if calls to reveal its mysterious meaning and to comprehend its magic.

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