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Olivares & Ribero


The meeting of one of the most outstanding Italian perfumers, Carlo Ribero, and the famous Italian antique dealer, Corrado Olivares, laid the foundation of the exquisite niche brand Olivares & Ribero. Corrado Olivares has been producing luxury Italian furniture more than 40 years. Carlo Ribero wanted to create an imaginary bridge between the luxury of the precious piece of furniture and the desire to always carry this value. The knowledge of the various "wood essences" is the heart and raw material on which perfume art is based, as well as the art of incrustation. Forests and their essences are the common denominator on which Carlo Ribero decided to develop this first collection of perfumes in order to create an imaginary link between the world of perfumery masters and Italian cabinetmakers. The Olivares & Ribero luxury collection is inspired by the character of the tree and expresses the noble temperament of the great Italian artists who decorated it, revealing the touch of charm of the work of art. True luxury lies in the simplicity of details and the value of materials: for this reason, the packaging of Olivares & Ribero was conceived and produced using the best quality materials and the best Italian manufacturers. The perfume collection is presented in glass with printed resin ornaments. The magic of wood and the tradition of the most precious inlays are contained in a precious collection of niche perfumes signed by Olivares & Ribero. Three perfumes that make up the line (100 ml) are designed to become an eternal tribute to the passion for wood: strength, nobility, splendor, grace, generosity, magnetism, uniqueness. Each fragrance is associated with one of the classic works of art used in the traditions of classical inlay: Ebano & Forza, Palissando & Nobiltà, Acacia & Unicità, which is distinguished by its unusual and valuable ingredients. The Perfume History in Cologne and the online shop suggest you with pleasure world perfumery treasures by Olivares & Ribero.

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