In February 2018, SF Perfume History Cologne realised its project and opened the first store exclusively with niche fragrances.

Should you be in search for an exclusive fragrance, you are exactly right here. We distribute niche fragrances with passion and attach great importance to offering our customers not only online shopping but also the possibility to immerse themselves in the magical world of scents directly on site. Sustainability, respect for creation and striving for harmony determine the thinking and actions of SF Perfume History. We are looking forward to meeting you and we always endeavor to enhance your daily life one more time with wonderful moments. Spoil yourself with our exclusive, premium and luxury perfumes!

A scent can tell a lot about its owner: herb, fresh, bright, dark or powdery scents expose in a sparkling way the character, the soul… Who wants to be more individual will decide for a niche perfume.

In case of every niche fragrance, you can feel the passion which is hiding behind. Each niche perfume tells its own story. The fragrances express atmosphere, love stories and emotions. Niche fragrances have exclusive ingredients and are associated with a very selective distribution as they are produced in small quantities. The flacons are designed in a very special way as well… You can often see dark shades. Nothing superfluous. Some perfumers engrave the name of the fragrance or decorate the flacon with different materials: gemstones, wooden elements, leather etc. Quality is always the first priority. These perfumes are for customers who attach importance to something special.

Just visit our online shop, take a look at our recommendations for you and be enchanted by luxury. Should you need any assistance or be in search for inspiration, the SF Perfume History team is happy to support. We assist you in the search for specific criteria, such as concentration, gender, occasion or specific ingredients. We offer an assortment of the best niche fragrances for discerning customers. Should you not be able to find a specific fragrance, just write us an e-mail or call us. We are at your disposal at any time.