What is a niche fragrance?

What is a niche fragrance?

Niche fragrances are original perfumes with character, so to say, the ‟Houte Couture” of the perfume industry. Niche fragrances/perfumes are produced only in small quantities; they are not mass quantity products but rather luxury and extraordinary perfumes. They are barely promoted as they are not designed for the broader consumer market but rather – as special as they are – for special customers who appreciate the exclusive and want to distance themselves from mainstream. In the case of niche fragrances, neither expensive brand advertising nor excessive packaging are in the centre of attention – purely the fragrance with its unique composition counts and not the brand’s name on the flacon.

Was macht sie zu einzigartigen Düften?

What is it that makes them so unique?

A scent can tell a lot about its owner: herb, fresh, bright, dark or powdery scents expose in a sparkling way the character, the soul, when they unfold on your skin. In case of every niche fragrance, you can feel the passion which is hiding behind. Each niche perfume tells its own story. The fragrances express atmosphere, love stories and emotions, the sound of the sea, sensuality and exoticism. Niche perfumes have exclusive ingredients and are associated with a very selective distribution as they are produced in only small quantities. With natural ingredients and selected raw materials, perfumers create high-quality and unique fragrance compositions worldwide. Niche perfumes have premium quality and are free of cheap, synthetic substances. They are characterised by a perfect and balanced molecular composition. Who attaches importance to special nuances and uniqueness chooses a niche perfume because a person has quickly enough of the world-famous on-trend perfumes which are launched on the market every year. However, with a niche fragrance, you leave a very intensive, unique impression.

Wo kommen Nischenparfums her?

Where do niche perfumes come from?

Niche perfumes are free perfumers’ creations who understand the art of craftsmanship with regard to perfumes and draw on old traditions. The perfumers are not subject to any large corporation with business plan and serial production. Thus, niche perfumes can only be bought in specific and selected stores/perfumeries. The flacons are kept plain and elegant as the production of small quantities is expensive. Therefore, you get flacons that draw attention because shape and colour are not to be found in every perfumery. Some perfumers engrave the name of the fragrance, others decorate the flacon with gemstones, wooden elements or leather. Niche perfumes are characterised by high-quality workmanship and spread a touch of luxury. This is why they are referred to as exclusive perfumes, luxury perfumes oder premium perfumes.